Biological Method Mcqs

Biological Method Mcqs English Medium

Biological method Mcqs are very important in solving a biological problem.

Science is a systemized way of solving problems related to living organisms. This type of problem is called a biological Problem. The scientific method is used to solve scientific problems. So it is the unique and very coordinating process that helps in problem-solving.

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Definition of Biological Method MCQs

A method that is used to solve biological problems is known as

  • scientific method
  • biological method
  • cooperative method
  • dispersive method

biological method

The scientific method is a ———————- way to solve problems

  • scientific
  • systemized
  • old
  • Latest


The scientific method has been playing an important role in the history of mankind since——–

  • 500 years
  • 50 years
  • 200 years
  • 2millions years ago

500 years

What is the main purpose of humans to investigate the problem related to organisms

  • wealth
  • health
  • survival
  • investigation


Which is not included in the advancement of the biological research contributed by scientific method—

  • Medicine
  • ecology
  • Moralities
  • Technology


Biological data help the public to identify the——-

  • quantity of data
  • the ratio of the data
  • Quality of data
  • research-level

Quality of data

In the aspect of biological method and nature humans should be a——

  • naturalist
  • economist
  • Biologist
  • Hunter


What was the compulsion of the human being to be a biologist in his early life—–

  • To discover
    To Live
  • To inspire
  • To do research on nature

To Live

In the discovery of new things and modification or replacement of new and long-held theories the main purpose was to————–

  • Collect samples
  • collect More data
  • Collect antique things
  • Collect nothing

collect More data

Galileo Performed an experiment in 

  • 1590,s
  • 1750,s
  • 1850,s
  • 1750,5



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