Nervous System Nmdcat Test Mcqs Online Quiz

Nervous System Nmdcat Test Mcqs Online Quiz

This Online Quiz about the Nervous system covers the topic nmdcat related to UHS Test 2022. The quiz comprises MCQs with answers. This test about the nervous system is prepared through google product google Forms.

Nervous System Nmdcat Test Mcqs Online Quiz,sympathetic,para sympathetic ,autonomic,epinephrine and all hormones of nervous system online test

This test will almost cover almost all syllabi for the preparation for the MBBS entry Test. The MCQs in this test are arranged according to the requirement of the coming test. Some MCQs with answers are slightly conceptual and some are taken from the past papers of mdcat from 2007 to onward, while others are just prepared from the Punjab textbook board Lahore and federal Biology textbook class 12. All the questions are arranged just for recalling of memory about the NS, CNS,Brain,spinal cord, peripheral , somatic nervous system, sympathetic , parasympathetic , reflex action, reflex arc, synaptic gape, nerve impulse, structure of a neuron, types of neuron, and location of neurons,numbers of neurons, neuroglial cels cells,their role in the nervous system, parts of brain,forbrain containing thalamus, limbic system, hippocampus,amygdala, hypothalamus,cerebrum, cerebral hemisphere, corpus collassum, grey matter , white matter, functions of different parts of forebrain,its lobes,parietal, temporal,occipetal, olfactory and frontal lobes their functions,mid brain ,reticular formation,auditory and visual reflexes,hind brain,pons,medulla oblongata,cerebellum,spinal cord structures and functions,nerves ,ganglion,types of nerves,cranial nerves their types number and number types of spinal nerves,electric synaptic gap,chemical synaptic gap,neurotransmitter,amino acod derivatives neurotransmitter,inhibitory and excitatory neurotranmitter,polarization,depolarization,repolarization,refractory period,hyperpolarization and enzymes which are involved in the breakdown of the these neurotransmitter and reuptake of tranmitter by he synaptic knob almost all topics and related topics  are disscussed in this online nervous stystem test. If you all people find any ambiguity or mistake, please do not hesitate to mention them in the below comment box.

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